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Company founded in 1968 operating in the precision mechanics sector and since 1980 has transferred its experience in the field of naval accessories with high quality details built to customer or shipyard design and, production of articles for deep sea fishing.

Quality on the Sea

Each item manufactured, before being placed on the market, is tested by highly qualified personnel to guarantee its quality and durability over time.
The materials selected for our productions are highly technological such as very thick oxidized aluminum alloys, 316 stainless steel, chromed marine bronze, teak wood and fiberglass.

The extreme attention to detail and quality of our handcrafted products allow us to compete successfully in the market.


Thanks to over 20 years of experience in the nautical sector we are able to satisfy any request for the production of nautical accessories in stainless steel or aluminum alloys.

We also build special structures on request.

  • Awnings
  • Roll-bar
  • Tuna Tower
  • Marlin Tower
  • Hard-Top
  • T-Top
  • Bitte
  • Toe Door Anchor
  • Musoni

Case History

We are in a position to satisfying whichever demand for production of nautical accessories in stainless steel or aluminum alloy.

Stainless Steel Windows

Window realized in stainless steel 316 L entire polished to mirror; complete of glasses moderates Stop-sol Fixed or openable

Tuna Tower

Tuna Tower realized in Anodized aluminum Tube strongly thickness; suit of consul of commande in glass-reinforced plastic. Canopy in Glass-reinforced plastic.

My Clients

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What People Say

It’s better to sit in a boat thinking about GOD than to sit in a church and thinking about Fishing.

Brian Simmons


Our Quote

“Life and fishing are very similar, you never know what’s at the end of the line.”

- David Humphries

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