How to maintenance fishing reels properly?– Step By Step Guide From A Fishing Expert

Do you know how to maintenance fishing reels properly? For the best performance of the fishing reels, maintenance is a necessary job to think about. This is aimed at improving longevity as well as helping the fishing reels to use more smoothly, especially when the fishing reels have been purchased for a while, which will also help the fishing reels avoid unfortunate damages due to unmaintained or improper maintenance.

Curiously, many people still don’t know how to maintain their fishing reels properly. Do not think that you simply use a high-pressure nozzle in your garden, then spray hard on your fishing reels. If you do that, it is possible that you are damaging your expensive equipment instead of cleaning it.


When should maintenance of the fishing reels?

It is difficult to say when to do this because it is not easy to determine the right time to service the fishing reels. Because it depends on the intensity of the fishing reels used by each fisher. But in general, the most appropriate time is probably the time when the fishing reels feel suddenly inefficient. That’s when you feel your fishing reel spinning while it has something stuck inside, or there’s a crunching noise and it’s no longer comfortable. However, there may also be cases where forced fishing reels maintenance such as dropping the device into saltwater or dropping the device onto the sand, soil, etc.

At such times, maintenance of the sentence machine is necessary, because you only need to spend a little time with some useful tools that you can refresh your fishing reels like when you just opened the box.

How to maintenance fishing reels properly?


To properly maintain the fishing reels, you must follow a proper procedure, because the fishing reels are also made up of many different parts such as other mechanical or electrical equipment. So here’s the best way to maintain your sentence machine:

Before you get started, find a small box, or a small lid to store the parts of the fishing reels in order (Like disassemble a computer, avoid “excess screws”). Details like screws, gaskets inside the fishing reels are very small, which will make it almost disappear if it falls out.

You’ll need handy tools to clean and maintain your fishing reels. Gather them before every cleaning session. We will need two small and medium-sized screwdrivers and wrenches, a cotton swab, a few tweezers, and a toothbrush (note that you can use an old toothbrush for savings). Please choose a suitable kit for your device.

As for cleaning suppliers, I often use PENN products including PENN Rod and Reel Cleaner, PENN Reel Oil, or PENN Reel Grease. However, you can also use other cleaning solutions such as Simple Green or Ronsonol for example. These fluids will help remove the grease on the fishing reel before it is cured by Reel oil or grease reel solutions.

After you have prepared all the above tools and supplies, you are ready to begin cleaning work.


+ First remove the tube containing the wire first, then clean the tube shaft with a cotton swab, then continue to put a few drops of oil and remember to use reel oil, because other oils often thicken and solidify faster, which will create a layer of excess oil on the parts of the fishing reels. Remember to check the small nuts on the bottom layer of the machine shaft to make sure they are tightened.

+ Put a few drops of oil on the wire roller. Then continue to lubricate the place where the spring part of the machine exposed to the wires tube.

+ Remove the handle of the fishing reel, by turning the screw located opposite the crank. Then, put a few drops of oil into the crankshaft and the crank knob of the fishing reels.

+ Remove the side of the fishing reel by turning out the small screws, from which it is possible to access the parts of the fishing reel. After opening the machine will immediately see the bearing of the machine, if lifting this bearing layer will reveal the main gear. You can also remove both the main gear and put a small amount of degreasing oil in it, to remove old grease or dirt, then use a toothbrush and soapy to Clean the entire layer of dirt in the gears.

+ After cleaning, it is recommended to let the parts air-dry naturally, then start lubricating by reel oil for the fishing line with the bearings, taking some grease to the sawtooth of the main gear. Then apply grease to the shaft gears located at the bottom of the fishing reel, adding a thin layer of reel oil to the other parts in front of the shaft gears. For the rest, feel free to apply oil wherever you should apply oil or grease then continue to apply until completed.

+ After applying oil and grease, you can assemble the fishing reels in the first order, spray a thin layer of oil on the surface of the fishing machine and use a clean towel to clean it. That’s it, a smooth fishing reel and as shiny as newly purchased.


Hopefully, with the correct way of maintaining the fishing reels above, it will help the anglers to protect their fishing reels most effectively.